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A simpler way to sell online
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Simpler eCommerce payments

  • How it works quickly

    Under 1 min.

    Simply just send a link with payment function. It can be started immediately.

  • How it works boost

    Boost your sales

    Eliminate handling fee to the buyer, to help you sell more items now!

  • How it works safety


    Safer transaction with Tokopay. Seller and buyer no longer need to be so concerned about troubles during transaction anymore.

  • How it works free


    No system usage fee. You can use it free of charge.

3 Steps to More Successful Selling

  1. Create the link

    Create a payment link by entering the product name and price.

    Tutorial step1
  2. Easy share

    You only need to share the payment link to the buyer. You can skip the process where you need to tell the bank account information to the buyer. In addition, the buyer also free from any transfer fee.

    Tutorial step2
  3. Cut down time

    You just need to share the link to the buyer and wait for the confirmation mail, That's all.

    Tutorial step3

Benefits of Using Tokopay

  • Various Payment Methods

    Tokopay accommodates a variety of payment methods, such as ATM transfers, convenience store payments, credit card payments, etc. Moreover, you don't have to have technical knowledge to get a payment, with just share a settlement URL, you can get your payment.

  • Real-time Notification

    You will get real-time notifications, after the buyer have completed the payment. Therefore, you can make quick response and delivery.

  • Increase The Agreement Ration

    Various Payment Methods are equal to quick respond and directly linked to the sales. The test data show that there are improvement in sales up to 50%.

Secure for both Seller and Buyer

Safety figure en
  1. Buyer send the payment to Tokopay.
  2. Seller send the product to the Buyer.
  3. Seller get the product payment from Tokopay.
Safety buyer en
I feel more secure because if I did not receive the goods I can claim for a refund.
Safety seller en
I can concentrate more on my business because there is a system that will protect my revenue even if trouble occurs.


Personal Plan

Initial cost
Monthly Fee
Settlement Comission Campaign Price
Transfer Fee Campaign Price
Rp.50rb FREE